Welcome to Grazper

We are an AI startup that delivers advanced, streaming intelligence.


Grazper wants to revolutionize artificial intelligence by creating the first truly real-time, self-learning A.I.

By combining proprietary approaches to unsupervised learning with a deeply-optimized, low-level implementation, we are developing an A.I. that learns about the real, 3D world all the while experiencing it.

We balance theory and practice to bring the A.I. to market and are currently working on a high-profile project involving video intelligence and 3D computer vision.

With a number of existing projects completed, we are already delivering solutions to multiple industrial partners.

The founders have impressive track records and several successful commercial products behind them: Among other things, we co-created the original, BAFTA-nominated Hitman game series, were members of the core development team of the Emmy-winning Havok physics engine, and did award-winning work within computer science. After a number of years redefining how to deal with virtual worlds plus a few machine learning escapades, we now wish to move on to handling the real world - using A.I of course.


Grazper's team consists of highly-experienced developers with strong skills in both real-time programming and mathematics. We love creating unique technologies through our strong combination of both practical and theoretical skills.

Open Positions

The company has recently secured first-round funding, we are expanding, and are currently hiring.

Whether you are just passionate about state-of-the-art A.I., deep learning, optimizing inner loops, mathematical modeling, computer vision, real-time 3D graphics, high-performance computing, implementing in:

or all of the above - please contact us. If you are also interested in working in an attractive startup environment with all the associated benefits, contact us on the double!

We offer an exciting, yet relaxed work environment in brand new offices. Grazper is located centrally in wonderful Copenhagen, Denmark - according to several surveys the world's most livable city and the happiest nation on Earth - soon to be home of the most powerful A.I. in the universe ;-)

Come join us.

The following positions are open:

R&D Software Engineer

Machine learning.

R&D Software Engineer

High-performance computing

For more info, contact us at info@grazper.com


We are located in Denmark near the center of Copenhagen.

Grazper Technologies ApS

Vendersgade 4, 1.

1363 Copenhagen K


CVR: 36718285


Our AI framework offers a balanced and powerful combination of technologies and services.

Unsupervised, real-time intelligence

Our unique approach to AI and self-learning enables both efficient execution and fast, online training in demanding real-time cases.

Online machine-learning platform

We offer a customized web portal where you can get an overview of your own data, current processing etc. The backend allows seemless scaling of computationally-heavy tasks.

A complete simulation framework.

A unique, learning loop that consist of comprehension, planning, and execution components as well as 3D physically-based simulation allows self-discovery and self-learning, shortening the development iterations of the user. The scalability together with the integrated profiling and debugging capabilities constitute a unique development platform for AI.

Adjustable-thickness client

The computations can take place either locally or in the cloud in an adjustable manner. This means that both simple devices with limited resources and highly demanding situations can be dealt with.

Streaming AI

An optimized platform for high-throughput, low-latency streaming data, e.g., video, audio, financial data, and real-time analytics. An adjustable thickness client allows for both cloud and embedded use. Grazper's adjustable-thickness client makes it possible to scale online in the cloud or to develop highly-efficient embedded solutions on, e.g., GPU or FPGA.

Customized solutions

Our customers in all kinds of business verticals make use of our knowledge and technology to incorporate AI in their business. Through our solutions and know-how, we help our customers reach their goals of incorporating AI into their businesses.