We’re Hiring, again!
Computational mathematician/physicist with experience in C/C++

  • Full-time
  • Copenhagen, Denmark

Grazper Technologies ApS, a subsidiary of Yokogawa Electric Corporation, develops state-of-the-art deep neural network technology on both edge devices (FPGA/GPU/CPU) and computer clusters. We create novel artificial intelligence (AI) solutions within the field of computer vision. Our products target a wide range of industries.

Our team consists of mathematicians, physicists, computer scientists, full-stack programmers and FPGA developers. We work end-to-end from researching new algorithms to producing optimized solutions for customers. We are fascinated by the possibilities of AI, and we are looking for someone who is equally intrigued by the technology and motivated to push the envelope for what can be done.

We are looking for a full-time developer to create our neural networks and deploy them on a variety of hardware platforms. The role spans everything from researching the latest developments in the field of AI and inventing new methods, to optimizing and expanding our C++ platform. You will be working with a team of deep learning, software and hardware developers.

You have experience in C/C++ and computational mathematics or computational physics. You are keen to specialize in neural networks and deep learning, but experience with the field is not a requirement.

The company is still relatively small (11 employees), meaning the work often spans multiple disciplines. You are comfortable having to quickly learn new areas of knowledge and to adapt to new projects.

At Grazper Technologies ApS we appreciate a relaxed and flexible environment, where it is important to adapt to different kinds of tasks and help out when it is needed. Even though the work can be hectic, we understand the importance of having time for both family and work.

Our offices are located right next to the Marble Church in Copenhagen in a large historical apartment with a Metro station right outside the front door.

Candidates will be reviewed and called during the application process.

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For further questions you can contact us by email: info@grazper.com or call 42424342.

Grazper encourages every qualified applicant regardless of age, gender, religion or ethnic background to apply for the job.

All applicants must either be located in Denmark or have a valid work-visa. Grazper does not offer relocation packages.

Grazper Purchased by Yokogawa

Grazper Technologies ApS is pleased to announce that on the 20th of March 2020, Yokogawa Electric Corporation, a Japanese electrical engineering and software corporation listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, has acquired all shares of the company.
The team at Grazper Technologies is excited to continue development of new innovative AI solutions together with Yokogawa and its subsidiary amnimo Inc.

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Grazper’s New Office in Central Copenhagen

By Sonia Breuer Bistrup & Andrea Lundbek Svaneeng

The New Location

Since May 1st, the team at Grazper Technologies ApS has been working out of our new and larger office right next to Frederikskirken (known as The Marble Church) on Frederiksgade 7, 1st floor in central Copenhagen.

Due to our expanding team, the demand of products and services, and growing clientbase, we felt the need to expand our creative space and mirror the great potential of projects within the field of Artificial Intelligence.

The new office is located right in front of one of the entrances to the new metro station “Marmorkirken” (The Marble Church), which has recently opened. We do not have to look far to observe the changes in our city, how people move, and how we collectively use public spaces. It inspires us in the work that we do and it highlights how Artificial Intelligence and technology in general have to move with the quickened pace of our daily lives.

Our Current and Future Projects

Our current work focuses on privacy by design while developing technology that enhances the use of these spaces within retail, transportation, and security. Object recognition can be used to optimise efficiency and safety on the streets of Copenhagen – or any other city. This efficiency benefits the commute of the individual going from A to B but can also be a step towards rethinking the future of urban environments through our Smart City Solutions.

We are developing 3D motion capture solutions that enable virtual rendering of the real world in real time. This is connected to both Smart Retail and Smart Security, where 3D motion capture helps our customers understand and optimise the physical environment of collective spaces.

Grazper might have relocated to a new office, but we will continue our innovative work developing Artificial Intelligence that benefits society and individuals all the while making sure to protect the individual’s right to privacy.

New Year’s reception at Horten - 2019

On the 9th of January 2019 (16.30), Thomas Jakobsen, CEO at Grazper Technologies ApS, will open the New Year’s reception at Horten with a talk on Artificial Intelligence in Three Dimensions.

Thomas will be followed by Tommy Ahlers, the Danish minister of Higher Education and Science, amongst other speakers. They will ring in 2019 with their visions and ideas about the future of technological development and societal solutions.

We hope to see you in the new year!


Place: Horten, Philip Heymans Allé 7, 2900 Hellerup

Entrance: Free

To learn more and attend, follow the link below:


Talking about FPGAs and AI!

In connection with the High Tech Summit at DTU Copenhagen (Kgs. Lyngby), you can find an interview with Grazper’s CEO, Thomas Jakobsen, in today’s edition of Ingeniøren.

Under the headline, “FPGA’s and Artificial Intelligence makes Danish Surveillance “Privacy-friendly” (FPGA’er og kunstig intelligens gør dansk overvågning ‘privacy-venlig’), Thomas describes how FPGAs are a great choice for developing AI, Privacy by Design and Deep Learning.


Thomas will speak at 10.20 am to 12.20 pm, at the High Tech Summit, which takes place on the 10th of October 2018.

Learn more about the summit and their program on High Tech Summit’s website or take a look around our website and get familiar with what we do:




FPGAworld Conference in Stockholm and Copenhagen

Yasser Kilde Bajaw, Sr. FPGA Design Engineer at Grazper, is taking his knowledge on tour.

On the 18th of September, at 11.30 am, you can find Yasser in Stockholm sharing his knowledge of "Optimized Deep Learning on FPGAs" as a part of the FPGAworld Conference.

On the 20th of September you can also find him speaking in Copenhagen/Lyngby at 3 pm.

Yasser will delve into how FPGAs offer several advantages for use in the field of deep learning in terms of power, stability and performance. However, current frameworks sacrifice considerable performance in favour of flexibility when used for FPGAs. The presentation deals with the advantages of implementing deep convolutional networks that are specifically designed for FPGAs. The presentation does so by outlining methods for optimally using the FPGA resources by employing techniques such as bit-width reduction and 1-bit weights.

Follow the links for more information:

FPGA World Conference:






Grazper's GDPR Compliant AI Solution

AI and the Right to Privacy

The Danish newspaper Ingeniøren has written an article on Grazper's GDPR compliant AI solution.

In the article, Thomas Jakobsen and Yasser Bajwa, from Grazper Technologies, talk about their experience of building visual machine learning systems and creating cameras that protect the privacy of the individual.

Read the full Danish article here: https://ing.dk/artikel/kameraer-med-kunstig-intelligens-forener-overvaagning-med-retten-privatliv-211934

New Website


We are pleased to announce that we have launched our new website.

Along with the rapid growth of AI, comes the need for constant flexibility and dynamic renewal as a company. Subsequently, we are pleased to announce that our new and improved website grazper.com is up and running.

Our goal is to provide our partners, customers and peers with a clear insight into what we do, how we do it and what the future within AI can bring.

On our new site, you can check out our AI products and solutions, meet our team and get an insight into our ethical guidelines on working with AI.

We hope that you will enjoy the new look and content as much as we do.