FPGAworld Conference in Stockholm and Copenhagen

Yasser Kilde Bajaw, Sr. FPGA Design Engineer at Grazper, is taking his knowledge on tour.

On the 18th of September, at 11.30 am, you can find Yasser in Stockholm sharing his knowledge of “Optimized Deep Learning on FPGAs” as a part of the FPGAworld Conference.

On the 20th of September you can also find him speaking in Copenhagen/Lyngby at 3 pm.

Yasser will delve into how FPGAs offer several advantages for use in the field of deep learning in terms of power, stability and performance. However, current frameworks sacrifice considerable performance in favour of flexibility when used for FPGAs. The presentation deals with the advantages of implementing deep convolutional networks that are specifically designed for FPGAs. The presentation does so by outlining methods for optimally using the FPGA resources by employing techniques such as bit-width reduction and 1-bit weights.

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