The logic behind the system

In Norse mythology, Odin, the god of wisdom, healing, death, royalty, and many other things, had two ravens named Huginn and Muninn that would fly all over the world and bring information to Odin. When you think about it, the intelligence of the ravens and their ability to filter out relevant information was the reason why Odin was able to make sense of human behaviour across the wide realm of mankind.

Understanding human behaviour in real-time

The grazper Realm3D system aims to understand human movement and interactions in the real world and is made with the same idea that distributed AIs must filter out relevant information for the central AI if it is to have any chance of understanding the world and the humans within it. Our ravens process information right at the source using our optimized computer vision AIs so that only relevant information such as human pose and 3D positioning are forwarded onwards to the central AI (Odin).

Using this distributed system, we are able to scale our system across wide areas and multiple devices. It also ensures privacy for the end user as no video information is required to be stored for the system to work.

Real-time 3D scene

In the central Odin system, all this distributed information is collected into a real-time 3D scene description which contains all of the human poses, camera positions and any virtual objects that we might have created.

This can be subscribed to by any unit that is a part of the realm, such as spotlights, projectors etc.

Bifrost UI

We have also created a UI (Bifrost) which gives the user an insight into this 3D scene and allows them to create virtual objects which can be used to highlight specific areas or objects in the real-world. It is then easy to set up simple policy rules which can help the user monitor behaviour and take action based on human interactions in these areas.


  • The Realm3D can be extended with several plugins and external components.
  • Event logging and notifications.
  • Moving head control: Control moving heads based on human poses and policies.
  • Holographic projection: Use human eye position from Realm3D to create holographic effects on screens and projection surfaces.
  • Anything else......We have a simple to use API for subscribing to the 3D scene.

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