AI in our Society

We believe that the rapid development of Artificial Intelligence will have several positive effects on our society and culture.

AI is able to enhance our general standard of living and help us tackle some of the complex challenges, which modern society is facing today. Yet, along with the fast expansion of AI, we encounter several ethical issues, such as protection of personal data and general accountability of the creators and users.

Ethical Guidelines

Privacy by design

It is our aim, as a company, to secure the privacy of the individual and ensure that our work is of general and social benefit. Central to our work is our visual sensor, which processes video on the device. As a part of the privacy by design principle, our products immediately discard all raw video material and only pass on anonymised analytical data.

Our products can be implemented in a vast array of industries and live up to the General Data Protection Regulations. This emphasises our intention to make the most use of the visual data with the minimum impact on the individual.

The positive evolution of AI is dependent on ethical guidelines, intelligibility of communication and qualified transparency by companies and individuals involved. This will ensure the positive influence of AI and encourage a greater recognition of AI’s fundamental boundless role in our society.