Grazper’s New Office in Central Copenhagen

By Sonia Breuer Bistrup & Andrea Lundbek Svaneeng

The New Location

Since May 1st, the team at Grazper Technologies ApS has been working out of our new and larger office right next to Frederikskirken (known as The Marble Church) on Frederiksgade 7, 1st floor in central Copenhagen.

Due to our expanding team, the demand of products and services, and growing clientbase, we felt the need to expand our creative space and mirror the great potential of projects within the field of Artificial Intelligence.

The new office is located right in front of one of the entrances to the new metro station “Marmorkirken” (The Marble Church), which has recently opened. We do not have to look far to observe the changes in our city, how people move, and how we collectively use public spaces. It inspires us in the work that we do and it highlights how Artificial Intelligence and technology in general have to move with the quickened pace of our daily lives.

Our Current and Future Projects

Our current work focuses on privacy by design while developing technology that enhances the use of these spaces within retail, transportation, and security. Object recognition can be used to optimise efficiency and safety on the streets of Copenhagen – or any other city. This efficiency benefits the commute of the individual going from A to B but can also be a step towards rethinking the future of urban environments through our Smart City Solutions.

We are developing 3D motion capture solutions that enable virtual rendering of the real world in real time. This is connected to both Smart Retail and Smart Security, where 3D motion capture helps our customers understand and optimise the physical environment of collective spaces.

Grazper might have relocated to a new office, but we will continue our innovative work developing Artificial Intelligence that benefits society and individuals all the while making sure to protect the individual’s right to privacy.

Grazper's GDPR Compliant AI Solution

AI and the Right to Privacy

The Danish newspaper Ingeniøren has written an article on Grazper's GDPR compliant AI solution.

In the article, Thomas Jakobsen and Yasser Bajwa, from Grazper Technologies, talk about their experience of building visual machine learning systems and creating cameras that protect the privacy of the individual.

Read the full Danish article here: